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Heroic Dose and Microdosing Mushrooms: Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator

Magic Mushroom Dosage

A magic mushroom dosage differs with 180 different species and can have a 12x difference in potency. Here are the correct Heroic dose & Microdosing amounts.

Before you read this article I recommend that you read another article we have written that shows the top 10 types of psilocybin mushrooms and their different potency levels.

Different types of psilocybin mushrooms you will see have three main types of active ingredients that cause the psychedelic effect:

  1. Psilocybin:  This gets converted into psilocin once you eat the mushroom.
  2. Psilocin:  This causes causes the psychedelic effects that psychedelic mushrooms are most resound for.
  3. Baeocystin:  It is a psilocybin derivative or analog and serves the same purpose as psilocin in the body.

So once you have determined the type of magic mushroom you are going to consume you need to look to see what the total potency is by adding all three of these together.  Check out my other article here for your type of mushroom.

Now that you understand how to determine the potency lets take a look at how to calculate the correct magic mushroom dosage…

Magic Mushroom Dosage Calculator by Body Weight

One way to determine the correct magic mushroom dose and how much shrooms to take would be to base it on your body weight (1,000 mg = 1 g):

  1. Average Dose: 0.25 mg per 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of body weight
  2. High Dose: 0.5 mg per 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of body weight.
  3. Extreme Dose: 1 mg per 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of body weight.

For most people the dosages would be as follows:

  1. Average Dose: 20 mg potency
  2. High Dose: 40 mg potency
  3. Extremely High Dose: 80 mg potency

Psilocybe Cubensis has the following active ingredient percentages:

  1. Psilocybin: 0.63%
  2. Psilocin: 0.60%
  3. Baeocystin: 0.025%

This means 1 dried gram of Psilocybe Cubensis would have 12.6 mg of potency.

If you were to take Psilocybe Cubensis you could follow the following dried weights of the mushroom:

  1. Microdose: 1/10th of 1 gram (.26 mg of potency) is a microdose (4 days on 3 days off)(some people do 5 days on 2 days off)
  2. Lift Off: 1 gram (12.6 mg of potency) is lift off
  3. Hero’s Journey: 5 grams (63 mg of potency) is a Hero’s Journey

Some people break down the doses differently however these doses are based on Paul Stamets dose recommendations.

Mental Health Benefits of Microdosing Mushrooms

Limited studies of psilocybin have been done on microdosing but they do show the potential for improving cognitive function [10].  Additionally, Paul Stamets believes in the Stoned Ape theory which involves the doubling of size of the human brain over 200,000 years by consuming magic mushrooms.

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Paul suggest that if more people are to microdose that it could lead to “the next quantum leap in human consciousness.”

There have also been cased where micrdosing aides with depression as well [11].

If you choose option 1 (Microdose) then at this level you wont really feel any of the effects of psilocybin.  It will almost be like taking it as a supplement.

You can also stack magic mushrooms with Lion’s Mane mushroom and Niacin for increased benefit according to Paul Stamets:

Lion’s mane has many neuron boosting properties to help the brain but there is one study where 30 females were split into 2 groups where one was given Lion’s Mane mushroom cookies against a control group who was given a placebo for 4 weeks.  They showed “Concentration”, “irritating” and “anxious” feeling were lower in the group that took the Lion’s Mane mushroom cookies [13] which shows Lion’s Mane’s potential for treating depression.

You can check out another article I have written on the top 10 health benefits of Lion’s Mane mushrooms.

Benefits of Niacin

It is also suggested that Niacin has the ability to get the substances to pass the blood brain barrier and to also allow the psilocybin to reach nerve ending that psilocybin would not be able to reach on it’s own.

In a clinical trial done where 29 patients with cancer related anxiety and depression were given psilocybin therapy in conjunction with niacin showed that after 6 months 60 to 80% had significantly lowered anxiety and depression levels [14].

Paul Stamets recommended Stack:

Psilocybin: 1-10 mg

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Erinacines/Hericenones: 50-200 mg

Niocin: 101-200 mg

**Erinancines/Hericenones are natural substance isolated from the Lion’s Mane mushroom.  You can also take a Lion’s Mane mushroom that contains a percentage of these substances equal to the amount listed (e.g. 1 gram of Lion’s Mane mushroom that contains 1% is equivalent to 10 mg).**

One final note about microdosing, the reason you need to do 4 or 5 days on followed by 2 to 3 days off is to allow your body to basically reset it’s effectiveness.  Think about when you drink coffee (or any caffeine drink) regularly and then you take one or two days off…That next cup of coffee you have is super strong.  That’s the same thing with microdosing.

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Magic Mushroom Dosage | Heroic Dose & Microdosing Correctly

Lift Off Dose

Even though this is a higher dose than a microdose it would still be considered a lower dose but you will definitely feel the effects.

You will typically have enhanced hearing and you will see brighter colors but wont really have to much visual or audio hallucinations.

Mushrooms Tolerance Calculator: How Much Shrooms Should a Beginner Take

Many people recommend this ammount of shrooms for the first time and slowly increment by 1 gram of dried mushroom to start to get a feel for your own personal tolerance levels.

As you increase to 2 grams you will start to gradually see more and more positive effects to include:

  1. Visual geometric patterns.
  2. Noticeable changes to hearing perceptions.

At 3 grams you will start to experience:

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  1. Visual waves which makes you aware of your liquid state of being.

By 4 grams your experience will really start to get intense and last anywhere from 4 to 5 hours.

Heroic Dose of Mushrooms

The Heroic dose would be 5 grams or more and can be very overwhelming and last around 6 hours (but not typically longer than that).

The Heroic dose is what is defined by Terence McKenna as being a life altering dosage.

In this stage you will be start to gain a new understanding of the world and how everything is linked together.  When you recover from this dose you will no longer see the world the same way you did before.

You will begin to step away from your life and be able to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and problems in your life and your brain will create new connections on how to deal with these problems.

Many people report no longer struggling with PTSD or depression and have a new resounded sense of happiness with people in their life and the world while at the same time no longer being fearful of death.

Paul Stamets describes this as a gateway to the mycelium network and is a truly spiritual experience.

Important Restrictions

It is not recommended to do over 7  grams as that should be considered the highest dose.  If you do, it is very important to ensure that your set and setting are very supportive and safe.  Additionally, you could lose muscle control and strength lasting into the following day.

If your are new then start with half the dose of psilocybin and after an hour and thirty minutes you can up the amount.

Here is a good story told by Paul Stamets that explains how he took 25 grams when he had a severe stuttering problem and the next day he was completely cured:

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Magic Mushroom Setting

If you are doing a Heroic Dose then your setting will be very important.  Many people recommend being in a dark place alone in your room or covering your eyes up.   Some people even put on a some mellow music to listen to.

I agree like Paul Stamets recommendation of being out in nature when you do it.  Since this mushroom is a gateway to seeing the world as it really is and it comes from nature, in which is the true nature of the world, then you should want to experience and see nature as it really is.

Paul likes to go to high point on a bluff near the ocean at 30 minutes before sunset for his experience.  He also recommends having someone you trust there that is not using to observe and make sure everything is safe at all times.


Now you have an understanding of how important it is to understand which type of magic mushroom you are consuming because some of them can be 12x more potent than others.

Once you have determined the potency of the mushroom you are consuming you can then use the information above to determine the correct heroic dose, lift off dose or microdose that you want to have.

From hear you might be interested to learn more about one of the following:

1)  The health benefits and side effects of magic mushrooms

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2)  How to get safely get magic mushrooms even if they are illegal where you live

how to get magic mushrooms anywhere

Take care and please share this article if you enjoyed!


10.  Prochazkova, L., et al. (2018). “Exploring the effect of microdosing psychedelics on creativity in an open-label natural setting.” Psychopharmacology (Berl).

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13.  Nagano, M., Shimizu, K., Kondo, R., Hayashi, C., Sato, D., Kitagawa, K., & Ohnuki, K. (2010). Reduction of depression and anxiety by 4 weeks hericium erinaceus intake. Biomedical Research (Tokyo, Japan)31(4), 231-7. Retrieved from PubMed.

14.  Ross, S., et al. (2016). “Rapid and sustained symptom reduction following psilocybin treatment for anxiety and depression in patients with life-threatening cancer: a randomized controlled trial.” Journal of psychopharmacology (Oxford, England) 30(12): 1165-1180.

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Always looking for ways to improve the health of myself and my family led me to the discovery of medicinal mushrooms and the numerous health benefits they have on the body. My mission is to spread this knowledge and help as many people as possible.

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  1. I started eating my home grown psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms once a week last summer (a year ago) to help me manage my anxiety. I started off with a small micro dose and worked my way up to HEROIC doses weekly after a few months. After about a year of consuming them and retraining my ???? I have eased off from taking large doses weekly. It’s been a few weeks since I took my last dose actually and I don’t feel the need to take them anymore. Golden teacher mushrooms have helped relieve me YEARS of anxiety they have truly changed my life for the better!


    1. Thanks for sharing James and that is wonderful news!

      It is always good to hear about how these mushrooms have helped people.

      1. Seems expensive for I don’t really want to buy a bunch of books. To expensive for me! I just need a grow bag w/spores.

  2. Hello, I live in Latvia and believe a forest nearby has a psilocybin mushrooms growing.
    I have done mushrooms only once before in Thailand, and it was a great experience (mushroom shake)

    Now I would like to do it again here in my country.

    Please let me know how may I ingest the mushroom safely, is washing with water enough to eat safely?
    does boiling kill the psilocybin?

    eating raw is safe?

    the mushroom I think I might have growing nearby is called ” Panaeolus cinctulus ”

    also have the other two possible categories available.
    Pholiotina cyanopus
    Psilocybe semilanceata

    Please help me out and recommend how many should I collect/ingest.
    1 mushroom/piece for a light high and 4 for an ego death?

    yes I am a newby to this, would like some guidance.
    would really appreciate it!

    Thank you, looking forward to hearing from anyone willing to answer.

  3. Hi John,

    Great questions and congratulations on find some!

    1) Please let me know how may I ingest the mushroom safely, is washing with water enough to eat safely?

    Yes. You can eat the mushrooms raw after washing them. However some people do report having an upset stomach because it is hard for the stomach to break down the chitin in raw mushrooms.

    2) Does boiling kill the psilocybin?

    This use to be a big concern but there is very little proof to back up that heating the mushrooms will actually reduce the potency. Therefore, the general consensus today is you will be fine as long you only cooking them for a short period of time.

    If you worried about the temperature then only expose them to temperatures juts under boiling.

    3) 1 mushroom/piece for a light high and 4 for an ego death?

    For the amount of dosage it will depend on the type of mushrooms and whether it is raw or dried. You can see the potency levels of different mushrooms in our articles here:

    Just keep in mind that 100 g of wet mushrooms will equal 10 g of dry mushrooms.

    4) Please help me out and recommend how many should I collect/ingest.

    One of the most popular ways to ingest is to either eat them dry, bake them into some cookies or make a tea.

    If you make a tea then many people will dry them first and ground them into a power but you can do it with raw mushrooms.

    Tea Steps:

    1) Weigh your mushroom dose
    2) Grind it into a powder or eat raw
    3) Add some ginger, lemon juice or honey (for taste)
    4) Pour hot water over the mushrooms and let sit for 15 minutes

    Hope that helps.

    This information is for education purposes and we do not encourage or endorse anyone to commit a federal crime. Psilocybin is illegal in the United States by the Federal government.

  4. Great info. The article shows: extreme high dose 80 mg potency and hero’s journey 5 gram (63 mg potency). Is the 5 gram wet weight? Please clarify.

  5. Hello, Oliver!
    Is there any difference between dried mushrooms and a mushroom powder?
    What is stronger, 7g of dried or 6g of powder? What about 12g of powder? Thank you for your answer!

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Great question!

      6 grams of dried mushroom and 6 grams of powder would be the same (as long as the powder is not an extract).

  6. Hello Oliver I’ve heard that taking mushrooms with other foods such as candy or “unhealthy” foods has a higher chance of inducing nausea is that true? From experience, I’ve taken with a few berries to mask the taste of the mushrooms and that seemed to work is this just a personal case or would it be like this for most people?

  7. … [Trackback]

    […] There you will find 96561 more Infos: […]

  8. Hi Oliver, love what you are doing.
    Just wanted to be clear about the weights:
    Micro dose is: 0.1 gram Dried = 1 gram raw/wet?
    Liftoff dose is: 1 gram Dried = 10 gram raw/wet?
    Hero dose is: 5 grams Dried = 50 gram raw/wet?
    Assuming 200lb man using Golden Teacher.
    Thanks so much for your work.

  9. Do you have a type or manufacturer of a scale that you recommend for weighing the proper dosage and weight of mushrooms for consumption?

  10. Hello Oliver, how long do you think before I can get started with this I made my order and how does it do for pain?

  11. Hey Oliver I appreciate the amount of time you put in to helping everyone gather all the necessary answers for all the important questions. Money is great, but no one puts this much effort into something if it was just about money. You legitimately want people to get the best, educated, and safest experience you can possibly give! I can see it! And I’m hoping this will be an enlightening experience!

    1. Hi, Josh. Thank you for your message! We’re glad to hear that our assistance has been helpful to you. We always strive to provide accurate and safe information to our customers, and we’re happy to help with any questions or concerns. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach us out at [email protected]. Thank you for your support! 🙂

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