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Best Magic Mushrooms for Depression, Anxiety & PTSD

Magic Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms are the worlds natural gift for curing depression, anxiety, PTSD and even addiction. But the reality is they do so much more than that.

Depression is a worldwide problem that affects 264 million people and leads to 800,000 people dying every year from suicide [1].  And these statistics are only the people that report it.

The worst part is that 76% to 80% of people affected that live in lower to middle-income countries are unable to get treatment due to lack of trained physicians, resources or the general negative stigma associated with mental health disorders [1].

Causes of Depression and Anxiety

This ‘day-in-age’ it is ever more easy to suffer from depression or anxiety because of:

  1. Social Media/Internet:  Feeling more alone and isolated then ever before.  Feeling a sense of pressure to always look and act like their life is great (when it’s not).
  2. Increasing student loan debt: A debt that sticks around for years.
  3. Decrease of job stability: US employers cut 701,000 jobs in March of 2020 [2].
  4. Relocation: A decrease personal support structure due to moving globally for job security.
  5. Virus Storms:  Home quarantine due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  6. Trauma:  A bad experience in your past.
  7. Regret:  Failing to have the courage to do something you feel you should have done or shouldn’t have done.
  8. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Reliving the same bad experience over and over again.

Depression can really take all the joy out of living this wonderful life. If we only have one life to live let’s make the best of it and truly find the joy.

How to Deal and Fight Depression Naturally

Imagine how great it could feel when you:

  1. Self Love. Can look in the mirror and love the person you see staring back at you.
  2. Positive Outlook. Can see the positive in the world that you were blind to it ever existing previously.
  3. New Perspective on Life. Build new neurological connections in the brain that allow you to have a new perspective then ever did before.
  4. Eliminate Self Blame. No longer blame yourself for things that you thought were your fault.
  5. Overcome Fear. Establish a  a new sense of peace, joyfulness and serenity.
  6. Give Happiness to Loved Ones. Can truly enjoy the company of your loved ones and make them happy because your now happy.
  7. Spiritual Connection. Obtain a new connection with the spiritual world that is all around us and promote the nourishing of your soul.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most common depression symptoms…

10 Most Common Depression Symptoms


1)  Energy decline. You may feel fatigue, laziness or exhausted even if you haven’t done anything.

2)  No interest in doing daily activities. You may no longer want to do the things you use to enjoy doing to include hobbies, social activities and even sex.

3)  Hopelessness. You may feel like everything is horrible and nothing will ever get any better.

4)  Weight changes. Some people lose, plus or minus, 5% of their body weight in a month and their appetite may suddenly increase or decrease.

5)  Worthlessness. It is possible to experience extreme feelings of criticizing yourself for faults or mistakes and feel like your are worthless.

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6)  Trouble with Concentration. It may become difficult to make decisions, remember things or just focusing in general.

7)  Temperament change. You may become short tempered and feel like everyone is getting on your nerves.

8)  Changes in sleep patterns. Some people will oversleep, can’t sleep at all (Insomnia) or start waking up at stranger hours then they use to.

9)  Behavior changes. You may start using drugs or start to get involved with dangerous activities.

10)  Body pain. Some people will experience headaches, stomach pain, back pain and overall muscle aches.

Now, let’s take a look at how to use magic mushrooms for depression…

Using Magic Mushrooms For Depression

According to studies done at King’s College London with James Rucker, magic mushrooms act as a treatment for depression by allowing your brain to relax and release deeply-rooted ways of thinking enabling your brain to obtain new insights and understandings that were before not able to change [4].

According to Paul Stamets it is a gateway into tapping into a world that exists beyond your current ability to understand it.  It creates new neurological connections in the brain that were not possible of being created without it.

People who have dosed with a Heroic Journey of psychedelic mushrooms always report the same findings…

  1. Can’t Explain Through Words: They are unable to describe through words what they experienced effectively.  It opens your eyes to an understanding beyond what is capable of being explained through our understanding of words.
  2. Most Significant Experience Ever: After a Heroic dose people report it being one of the most significant experiences of their entire lives right along side with having a child or the loss of a loved one.
  3. Long Term Effects: After one single Heroic dose the benefits have been show to last from anywhere from a month to longer than 4-years.

A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology showed that 80% of 15 patients who took one dose of Psilocybin were still experiencing significant improvement in depression and anxiety 4-years later [5].

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Once you have experienced the full Hero’s Journey it would be a good idea to continue to microdose regularly to keep those new connections fresh in the brain.  On Joe Rogan #1385 Joe explains how a champion kick boxer microdoses and it is like tapping into the matrix and giving him an unfair advantage (It’s almost like he can see what people are going to do before they do it).

Depression Medical Studies

One common problem with people that have cancer and even people that survive having cancer is that they are depressed.  The suicide rates of cancer survivors is almost double that of people that don’t have cancer and in this area there has been a lot of study with the effect of magic mushrooms for depression.

Recently there has been 2 studies published by the Journal of Psychopharmacology that showed in just one session of 51 cancer patients taking a high-dose experience of psilocybin more than 80% had significantly decreased anxiety and depression while at the same time having increased well-being/life satisfaction [12].

Additionally, there are 2 documentaries out that you can watch called Fantastic Fungi and Dosed that are available for rent on Vimeo.  In each of these documentaries you get to see the proof directly from people who have cancer and opioid addictions.

On a separate note, but somewhat related, researches at the University of Alabama at Birmingham recently found that in a survey done for 13 years on 480,000 prisoners that the ones who had taken psilocybin mushrooms for depression were roughly 27% less likely to burglarize and 12% less likely to do a violent crime [3].

This means that people who have only done 1 dose of a psilocybin mushroom are just nicer people in general.

Now let’s talk about how magic mushrooms can help with anxiety, PTSD and addiction…

How Magic Mushrooms Cure Anxiety, PTSD and Addiction

In much the same same that we just explained how it cures depression it will do the same for, anxiety, PTSD and addiction.


Anxiety is your way of reacting to stress and can be a feeling of fear or constant worrying of the outcome about what is to come.

You will still see powerful, long lasting benefits of the full dose and it would also be beneficial to microdose…

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Since Anxiety tends to come and go based on our life events it would be better to use the microdose method to keep your brain optimized for any stressful life events that can pop up.

In one study 29 patients with cancer-related anxiety and depression received a single does of psilocybin.  At the 6.5 month follow-up 60-80% of them had significant reductions in depression, anxiety and quality of life [6].


PTSD can happen to anyone at any time.  It consists of constantly re-living or remembering a traumatic event like a natural disaster, major accident, war/combat, rape, assault, serious accident, etc… and does include anxiety, depression and fear.

A study conducted with mice where they were give a tone followed 40 seconds later by a shock for 10 rotations.  The mice soon realized that when they heard the tone they would cower in fear because they knew pain was about to come.

The mice were then given a microdose and after 2 rotations (which would take more than 10 without the microdose) without a shock they had reprogrammed their fear response and essentially removed PTSD [7] by no longer being scared of the tone.


Something really cool is recent studies show the power of magic mushrooms to help with curing addiction…

In a 15 person study John Hopkins researchers did on smokers they showed that 10 out of 15 after taking 1 or 2 heroic doses of psilocybin after 12 months had not smoked a cigarette.  That’s an 80% success rate compared to a 35% success rate for patients of verenicline (the most effective smoking cessation drug) [8].

In a recent documentary called Dosed they show the journey of an extremely suicidal and opioid addicted woman who has been failing to break her addiction for years with prescription medicines that is finally able to successfully quit permanently using psychedelic mushrooms.

Now let’s talk about the types of magic mushrooms and the different levels of psilocybin they have in them…

Types of Magic Mushrooms

When it comes to magic mushrooms there are many different types of magic mushrooms to choose from and some of them are 12x more potent than others.

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If  you plan to dose with magic mushrooms then it is a good idea get an overview of a least the top 10 psilocybin mushrooms and their potency so you can know the proper dosage based on the mushroom you are taking.

Here is a good article to check out that explains the different types:

types of magic mushrooms

Doses of Magic Mushrooms for Depression

Now that we understand the different potency levels we need to know how much we should take.

Here is an article that talks about the different types of magic mushroom dosages based on the potency of the top 10 magic mushroom species and how to make sure your dose is correct:

magic mushroom dosage

Magic Mushrooms Side Effects

All the health benefits are great for magic mushrooms, however like anything great we want to know, ‘so what is the catch?’.

The great news is almost all side effects of magic mushrooms are positive even in the long term.  However, if you wan to know more of the details about the side effects that check out our article here:

magic mushrooms side effect on brain and body

How to Get Magic Mushrooms for Depression Anywhere

Once you understand the amazing health benefits of magic mushrooms, the many different types, the proper dosage and the side effects you will need to know finally how to get your hands on some.

The United States has classified magic mushrooms as a schedule 1 drug which means the government defines it as a psychedelic drug with a high potential for abuse and no currently accepted medical use.  After reading this article you know this is an obvious miss classification.

Not only the United States says it’s illegal but 80% of the world agrees and it can be a bit of a challenge to get your hands on some and fell safe about doing it at the same time.

The good news is I have written another article that shows the top 3 ways to be able to get magic mushrooms from anywhere and doing it safely.  For example, in the United States it is legal to purchase magic mushroom spores in 98% of the country but you cannot purchase the actual mushroom when it’s grown…

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how to get magic mushrooms anywhere

Wrapping Up

Magic mushrooms are loaded with medical benefits and we covered the studies related to depression, anxiety, PTSD and just having a new founded love for yourself and everyone around you.

There are many ways to take magic mushrooms for depression and the most common would be to take a large dose once or twice a year with daily microdose amounts to continue receive the benefits all year round.

Now you just have to figure out the best way to obtain them in your current location and experience the benefits of magic mushrooms for depression.

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Always looking for ways to improve the health of myself and my family led me to the discovery of medicinal mushrooms and the numerous health benefits they have on the body. My mission is to spread this knowledge and help as many people as possible.

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  1. Hey love this site just gearing up to grow and bought sampler of syringes so wish me luck. Watched a documentary on maps and psychology using mushrooms to heal. And the main things it heals I have so here goes nothing!

      1. From personal experience, I know psilocybin mushrooms do help with opioid addictions. They’re amazing for ones “spiritual journey” as well. I haven’t bought through this website yet, but Florida has them growing naturally all year round, and with proper care and responsibility I highly recommend mushrooms. They’ll give you a whole new outlook on life, death, and the afterlife!!!
        Good luck, enjoy!!!

  2. Hello there ,my name is mike and im battaling bed deprassion, Anxiaty and ptsd and ive been on so many meds and have been thinking about shrooms but I dont know how to get them in detroit mi? sorry about the spelling mistakes

    1. Unfortunately we don’t sell the spores however you can order them online for the purpose of studying them under a microscope.

  3. Hi Oliver,

    I am a vet with PTSD, depression and anxiety. I am ready to start growing mushrooms to help with these problems. How do I dry them to keep their benefits and is long term storage possible?

    Thanks for all your articles and information on mushrooms!

    1. You can use the desiccant drying method or a dehydrator. The dehydrator method is the easiest but just make sure you make them cracker dry.

  4. FYI Magic Mushrooms have been proven to stop and put in remission a horrible condition called Cluster Suicide Headaches and is the only treatment that works 100%.
    I should know I have Chronic Cluster Headaches and have been in remission for 4 years now. Mother Nature’s Cure.

  5. I ordered a kit and it came in the mail I got my 3 bags but my spores were not with it. I was supposed to get 2 syringes. How can I get this fixed?

    1. Hi, Jane. It is legal to purchase mushroom spores for “microscopy purposes” because spores don’t contain any illegal psychoactive compounds.

  6. I have a condition called RSD (reflex Sympathetic Distrophy) it’s a chronic pain syndrome. I read somewhere that magic mushrooms especially Psilocybin may be helpful in pain reduction. Could you advise me on which strain I should order and how to go about it please?
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi, Lanie.

      According to, there is no approved cure at this time for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (formerly referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome). But research continues to find new and effective treatments for this condition, including a California-based psychedelic start-up called Tryp Therapeutics, exploring chronic pain relief using psilocybin.

      There are also research studies recruiting participants to preliminarily estimate the efficacy of psilocybin-facilitated treatment for chronic pain (one of which is

      Mush care.

  7. Started micro dosing about a month ago. Results are stellar! I have suffered from ADHD, some OCD, anxiety and depression.
    This is the best I’ve ever felt. I’m 64 years old.
    Can’t wait to experiment with looking at spores under the microscope. I’m excited to actually see what it is that has made such a profound effect on my life. I was a science teacher and love researching this!

  8. thanks for the info. I am now just going to try to grow some mushrooms to try and see how it effects my PTSD anxiety and depression conditions. From all I’ve read it’s my last chance to find relief. Wish me luck 🤞.

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