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Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Grow in Cow Poop? 6 Dung Mushrooms

Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Grow In Cow Poop Dung Mushrooms - Golden Cubensis, Liberty Caps Semilanceata, Wavy Caps Cyanescens, Azure Caps Azurescens, Olive Caps Baeocystis, Magic Truffles Mexicana

Do Psychedelic Mushrooms Grow in Cow Poop? Are you ever curious if psychedelic mushrooms actually grow in cow dung? Well, join us on an exciting exploration as we uncover the truth behind these fascinating fungi.

Unveiling the Top 6 Dung-Loving Psychoactive Mushrooms | Wild Psychedelic Mushrooms

In this blog, we’ll take you on a captivating journey to explore the top six dung-loving psychedelic varieties of mushrooms. These mushrooms are also popular as psilocybin mushrooms or magic mushrooms. Together, we’ll unravel their unique appearances and preferred habitats.

And here’s a fascinating fact: some of these mushrooms possess a remarkable “blue bruising” trait.

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Here are six well-known hallucinogenic mushroom species. But please keep in mind to use this information responsibly and legally:

1. Golden Tops (Psilocybe cubensis)

cow poop pasture mushroom - Golden Tops Psilocybe cubensis - dome-shaped caps caramel or chestnut brown color, slender whitish to light yellow stems

  • Other names: Mexican Cubensis, A-Strain, B+ Strain, Amazonian, Ecuador, PES Hawaiian, Thai Pink Buffalo, Mazatapec, and Cambodian.
  • Physical Characteristics: The caps of Psilocybe cubensis in cow dung are typically dome-shaped. They have a caramel or chestnut brown color. While the stems are slender and can range from whitish to light yellow.
  • Blue Bruising: It is is known to exhibit blue bruising when you handle or injure the mushroom.
  • Locations: Psilocybe cubensis is commonly found in tropical and subtropical regions. Particularly in parts of Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and the southern United States.

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2. Liberty Caps (Psilocybe semilanceata)

cow poop pasture mushroom - Liberty Caps Psilocybe semilanceata - distinct conical or bell-shaped cap light brown or yellowish, stem is thin and often curved

  • Other names: Witch’s Hat, Pixie’s Parasol, Magic Cap, Cone Cap, and Bells.
  • Physical Characteristics: Psilocybe semilanceata has a distinctive conical or bell-shaped cap that is usually light brown or yellowish. While its stem is thin and often curved.
  • Blue Bruising: It can exhibit blue bruising when handled or damaged.
  • Locations: This species is widespread and can be found in grassy areas. Such as meadows and pastures, in various parts of Europe, North America, and Australia.

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3. Wavy Caps (Psilocybe cyanescens)

cow poop pasture mushroom - Wavy Caps Psilocybe cyanescens - wavy cap with a reddish-brown or caramel color, stems are thick and often have a bluish hue near the base

  • Other names: Blue Halos, Blue Angels, Pacific Blue Caps, Blue Stems, Wakefield, and Blue Runners. Formerly under the Panaeolus genus.
  • Physical Characteristics: Psilocybe cyanescens has a wavy cap with a reddish-brown or caramel color. The stems are thick and often have a bluish hue near the base.
  • Blue Bruising: It may exhibit blue bruising, particularly at the base of the stem.
  • Locations: They’re native to the Pacific Northwest region of North America. But can also grow in other temperate regions around the world.

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4. Azure Caps (Psilocybe azurescens)

cow poop pasture mushroom - Azure Caps Psilocybe azurescens - large wavy caps caramel or brownish color, stems are thick and may exhibit bluish tones

  • Other names: Flying Saucers, Blue Ringers, Azzies, and Azures.
  • Physical Characteristics: Psilocybe azurescens is known for its large and wavy caps, which can have a caramel or brownish color. The stems are thick and may exhibit bluish tones.
  • Blue Bruising: It can exhibit blue bruising, especially on the stem.
  • Locations: Psilocybe azurescens primarily grows along the coast of the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

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5. Olive Caps (Psilocybe baeocystis)

cow poop pasture mushroom - Olive Caps Psilocybe baeocystis - has a bell-shaped or conical cap with a dark brown to purplish color, stems are thick and can have a whitish appearance

  • Other names: Knobby Tops, Blue Bells, Baeos, Wavy Caps, Bald Heads, and Baeos.
  • Physical Characteristics: Psilocybe baeocystis typically has a bell-shaped or conical cap with a dark brown to purplish color. The stems are thick and can have a whitish appearance.
  • Blue Bruising: It may exhibit blue bruising when handled.
  • Locations: This species is common in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, particularly in woodchips and mulched areas.

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6. Magic Truffles (Psilocybe mexicana)

cow poop pasture mushroom - Magic Truffles Psilocybe mexicana - small whitish to light brown cap, nipple-like protrusion at the center, stems are slender yellowish or whitish

  • Other names: Teonanácatl (meaning “Flesh of the Gods” in Nahuatl) and Mexican Mushrooms. Additionally, it is sometimes referred to as Tampanensis, a closely related species that was initially misidentified as P. mexicana.
  • Physical Characteristics: Psilocybe mexicana has a small cap that ranges from whitish to light brown. Often with a nipple-like protrusion at the center. While the stems are slender and can be yellowish or whitish.
  • Blue Bruising: It may exhibit blue bruising when handled.
  • Locations: Psilocybe mexicana is native to Mexico and can grow in areas with rich, decaying organic matter.

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Final thoughts on wild psychedelic mushrooms growing in cow poop

In conclusion, the captivating realm of psychedelic mushrooms unveils nature’s wonders. From the dome-shaped caps of Psilocybe cubensis to the distinctive conical shapes of Psilocybe semilanceata, each species holding mesmerizing secrets.

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Additionally, the intriguing phenomenon of “blue bruising” adds to their allure. Through our exploration of these six dung-loving species, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for their beauty. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of responsible exploration to ensure the preservation and respect for these fascinating mushrooms.

Remember, it is crucial to approach the world of psychedelic mushrooms with respect and within legal boundaries. By doing so, you can allow your curiosity to guide you on a journey that continues to ignite wonder and awe in nature’s realm.



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